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Client: Tata Marcopolo (TMML)

Tata Marcopolo – a JV between Tata Motors and Marcopolo S.A. is the largest manufacturers of buses in India.

Challenges: TMML used SolidWorks for concept design since 2007 and AutoCAD for design detailing. Since AutoCAD did not offer PLM integration, TMML were looking for solutions from Siemens and Mark Engineering.

  1. They were looking for reducing design cycle time by 20%
  2. Needed capability to reduce variant design time by 30 to 50 %
  3. Better utilization of Data from Marcopolo (Collaborator)
  4. Wanted to utilize global design library


Use of SolidWorks PDM
Batch utility for PDM-PLM integration


  1. Designers can spend more time on design and detailing
  2. No need to manually create documents in PLM and attaching drawings
  3. Ease in searching and reusing components
  4. Ease in capturing metadata
  5. No Difference in PDM and Drawing Data
  6. Able to use parametric features of SolildWorks
    – BOM creation helps reduce time and errors
    – Re-use and modification of data is easy
    – Search and Reuse
  1. Discipline in design process
  2. Revision Management
    – 2D and 3D data always updated
  1. All New Projects being worked on PDM

“We are able to improve appearence & aesthetics, and any complications can be forecasted”

Mr. Rana Sachdeva,Manager Engineering , Tata Marcopolo Motors Ltd