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“Mark’s CADECplus helped us in standardizing drawings, eliminate manual errors. Further our design team is now free for product development.”

Technical Director Technofour Electronics Pvt.Ltd.
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Times are changing at an overwhelming pace, and companies need to view innovation as a continuous process – these are the times of re-innovation. Mark’s consultative approach ensures the 3D CAD solutions are customized, co-developed for the OEM industry right from designing process level to execution level, so that the product adapts to their application requirements.

Technology advancement has revolutionized the way manufacturing businesses are conducted. Hi-tech machinery with flexibility in application capabilities has a direct impact on the productivity and success of this industry. Innovation is the key and it is no longer a one-time activity.

An efficient designing process brings down the time to market (TTM), exponentially. Hence it is important to make this process easier, person-independent and highly interactive. At the same time the process needs to avoid design-level misunderstandings between various teams, else it would affect TTM and dampen the team’s motivation levels.

At Mark, we first understand your business/domain and identify the core design methodology. Once these are developed we help you set up the design platform, standardize CAD designing process, train your team and upgrade your platform as and when it is required. We perform CAD R&D on making concept-to-design process efficient. Further the data management solution helps in establishing clarity between various stakeholders involved in the entire product life cycle.