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Case Study
Case Study in Steel Structures Industry Click Here

With the advent of modernization, steel structures have gained prominence in cities and towns alike. Even then, it is a green field industry and hence there is a lot of growth potential. A variety of structural steel members involved in the construction of single steel structure, PRE-ENGINEERED components are changing the rules of the industry. Though steel structures are an epitome of modernization, the process of its construction itself uses less of technology. A systematic approach, standardization and specialization, more control on design validation together combined with technology can fetch good margins and revolutionize the industry.

The project sizes are massive and there is more at stake than just the cost and time. Rapid 3D concept creation, cost calculations, aesthetically created shapes/members, and design validation can definitely lower the risks involved.

Mark’s solutions help you conceive and execute the most complex of structural designs with ease. 3D concept development, structural and flow simulation, design automation and geometry-based approach for aesthetic designs help you to quickly put the art or the structure in 3D drawings. Designs can be quickly validated against set parameters to give you the confidence to put your imagination into reality. Our expertise in helping companies to conceive and build the toughest of designs has won us several accolades. Whatever you conceive in your mind, Mark will help you bring it to reality through its wide range of solutions and domain expertise.