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Virtual simulation of product performance.

Using a wide range of SolidWorks Simulation suite we build/help you build quick product designs that can be tested against virtual real-world environments before you actually manufacture them. It offers various control parameters that can be manipulated to check the behavior of the product under varied conditions. Now you can perform Structural, Mechanism, Thermal, Frequency, Fatigue, Non-linear, Flow, Plastic Simulation all in one single package, even before you actually start manufacturing the tool/product.

Design Validation: Structural

Designer Validation

Linear Stress Analysis

Contact elements and virtual connections

Mechanism Simulation

Joint forces and motor power calculations

Fatigue Life Analysis

Intuitive post processing

Reliability Validation

Frequency & Buckling

Thermal Simulation

Fatigue Life Analysis

Event based Motion Simulation

Structural Optimization & Submodeling

Drop Test & pressure vessel

Analyst Validation

Nonlinear analysis

Analysis of composite parts

Dynamic response

Seismic analysis

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Design Validation: Computational Flow Dynamics

Flow + Thermal Analysis

Fluid flow, heat transfer

Internal + External flow

Liquids and gases of various types

Impellers and fans

Conduction, convection, radiation

Pressure, velocity, flow

Electronic Cooling Module

Library of electronic components

Material library

Simulate electronic packages

Heat Pipes

PCB Generators

Joule Heating

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning

Flow in living environments

Efficient cooling system

Advanced radiation

Comfort parameters

Building material database

Library of fans

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Design Validation: Plastics

Plastic Part Analysis

Part filling

Gate location

Filling & Cooling time

Weldlines, airtraps

Plastic Mold Analysis

Runner design

Runner balancing

Multi-cavity molds

Packing profile

Advanced Plastic Part and Mold Analysis

Cooling line analysis

Predict part warpage

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