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“We combined the power of SolidWorks, CADEC and ePDM to compress new system design time from 15 days to 3 hours”

Pinakin Mate Director, Veeraja Industries Pvt. Ltd.
Case Study
Case Study in Process Equipment Industry Click Here

There has been a tremendous growth in this sector due to food, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, chemicals and filtration verticals. However, there is a slowdown in Oil & Gas Energy projects. In general the margins are under pressure due to disorganization, and the only way to improve the margins is by improving product offerings and leveraging domain expertise to streamline processes. Further, as with any process, eliminating errors and reducing design time can help improve productivity and hence boost profits. Hence, control on design validation and optimization is critical.

The main challenges during design time are incorporating standard codes (ASME, etc.), quick equipment mock-up and time consuming piping design. Mark through a wide range of SolidWorks products and expertise provides just the right solution for process equipment industry.

Features include:

  • Design automation and standardization
  • Structural, thermal and flow simulation
  • Need-based hybrid modeling techniques
  • Auto-routes, pipe fittings library, pipe designing utility reduces the overall piping design time