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“CADECWorks is useful in standardization and enabling designers to think logically. It is also useful in design error reduction”

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Automation is the need of the hour in Manufacturing industry but more so in Automotive manufacturing. Right from machining, assembling, welding, painting and checking, every process that is automated saves time, improves quality and reduces costs. Calculating the bill of material and production of drawings is also critical. Moreover, there is an immense potential for FIXTURES and ROBOTICS.

Technically, every process that is repetitive can be and should be automated. Once the parameters and rules that govern the process are set, the system should take care of production, labor intensive tasks and things that require high levels of ACCURACY.

Mark’s wide range of solutions and services empowers the team to automate all the critical processes. DESIGN STANDARDIZATION enables the team to create pre-set blueprints that can automate the critical designing process. It also enables systematic translation, selective usage of lightweight geometry, creation of templates, metadata, BOM formats, use of model items for drawing creation, setting up costing templates and rules for costing automation.