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Case Study
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There has been a marked increase in the usage of Plastic and sheet metal over the past several decades. In order to meet the market demands, quick tooling, various die making and molding mechanisms need to be explored. Varied applications demand varied geometries and design innovations in the client industries require innovative die/mold designs that can be conceived and designed on the fly. The unorganized competition and price-conscious customers put undue pressure on the cost/volume aspects.

While designing the dies/molds, complex modeling is involved. Every job must be extremely accurate (error-free) and should support any geometry. Mark provides perfect solution for Die Mold industry. Through our wide range of services, we provide surfacing and alternate modeling methods for mold tools and design automation. Various parameters can be standardized / configured in order to produce and analyze precise geometries for the die/mold. We support 3D concept development and Plastic flow simulation as well.