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Minimizing Person Dependency

Client: Polyhydron Systems Pvt. Ltd. (PSPL)

Manufacturer of Electro-Hydraulic Systems, Hydraulic Actuators, Manifold Assemblies, Special Valves


  1. Lengthy Design Process
  2. Manifold design was taking a lot of time
  3. Human errors in drafting
  4. Lots of review and rework required
  5. Person-dependent


  1. Design time reduction from 12 hours to 6 hours
  2. Design Accuracy, human errors are eliminated

“Because of the user-friendliness of CADECWorks, our team could learn SolidWorks and CADECWorks in the shortest time and now our deliveries are planned and dispatched on the time and we are not dependent on a particular individual anymore”

Mr. Sujit Tilve Manager Application Engineering