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“Mark’s CADECWorks is useful for doing complex calculations with elimination of need of domain knowledge. It avoids human efforts and errors.”

Asst. General Manager, Technical MarketingMajor Manufacturer of manufacturing automation systems
Case Study
Case Study in Material Handling Industry Click Here

It is indeed ironic that the material handling equipment is a slow moving and a fast growing industry both at the same time. The critical factors deciding the former fate or latter destiny are the size of the project and the time taken to crack the deal. Keeping touch points and system downtime to minimum is the key. Further it is important that the design of the equipment is customized/ suited for the specific material and its movement.

Hence, having domain knowledge of the end-client’s product is crucial. Though mostly these equipments have a mechanical nomenclature, these days they also include ELECTRONICS and SENSOR ELEMENTS.

Mark provides the perfect designing solution that allows you to perform FMEA and structural simulation which lets you test it before actual manufacturing. Further it helps you with design optimization using FEA and design studies, design automation and knowledge capture and integration.