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AdvantEdge MARK

Reliable CAD/CAM/CAE Solutions Partner



  • End-to-end solution
  • Thorough Domain Knowledge
  • R&D & Strong Commitment for Implementation
  • Long-term Partnership with Customers

We, at Mark Group, work very closely with machinery and equipment manufacturers and are well-versed with their needs. Our passion is to provide solutions for design automation and computerization of various manufacturing activities.

Our key solutions include:

Product Design
Creating and managing innovative concepts, Computerised simulation for evaluating their strength / functionality / reliability, Physical prototyping, Detailing and more.
Manufacturing Engineering
Manufacturing Drawings and process sheets, CNC Programming
Application Engineering
Re-using designs for new orders, Product Configurators and ERP integration of Engineering data

Manufacturing companies are the front-runners of National growth. They see opportunities and build infrastructure. We are into the business of supporting Manufacturing Companies in innovation, productivity and in serving their customers better. We align our efforts with our client’s vision and work diligently towards it by providing technology solutions & services.

Manufacturing companies want reliable technologies. They look at long-term roadmap, and make investments in plants and machineries. The software and systems that they need for product design and manufacturing should be a time-tested one and well-supported.

We do our extensive research and development in Knowledge Based Engineering. We keep ourselves updated with the latest trends in technology and manufacturing industries. While updating ourselves with these advancements, we focus on practical implementation aspects and ensure that our clients always stay ahead in this competitive world. We work with world’s leading MCAD technology companies such as Dassault & Hexagon, HP for Hardware technology and Protosys for 3D Printing / Rapid Tooling.

Once we partner with our customers, we handhold them through the solution identification, development, implementation and maintenance. We see our success in our clients’ success.


A product offering from an engineering designing firm

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