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Number Driven Models

Number Driven Models Parametric models have bi-directional associativity between graphical entities and numerical database. Number-driven models extend this associativity in a smart Now-a-days, all 3D CAD softwares are parametric. So, they use parameters to control the geometric entities of any model. The parameters can be for shape (constraints and relationships) and for size (dimensions). Parametric […]

Surfacing : Art or Science

Creating aesthetic shapes is an art (skill), but there are many logical considerations in creating the complex shapes, which make it a science. Smooth and fair surfaces are required in shipbuilding (reducing water resistance, and fabrication ease), Aeroplanes (aerodynamics), Automobiles (aerodynamics, and styling), Consumer products (styling and ergonomics), Architecture (styling and manufacturability). These are art […]

Surfacing with Solid Works

SolidWorks has more surfacing capability than many users realize. This write-up is for the benefit of new users and comments from experts.   What is surface modeling ,Engineering surfacing, Graphics surfacing, Curvature Continuity, Splines ? (A)  Surface modeling allows you to create faces of required shape, and then join them. Surface modeling requires a lot […]

Getting Good Results with CAE

It’s more about domain knowledge than software ease of use A shift in CAE software started, quite a long time ago, when SolidWorks started including a basic version of Cosmos FEA with their eponymous CAD package. It was the beginning of the “red is bad, green is good” school of thinking, where ease of use […]