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SolidPractice on BOM Management

Mahratta Chamber Hall, Swargate, 12 March 2016

3D CAD is the single version of truth for Machine and equipment manufacturers, and management wants automated Bill of materials from the assembly. Manual efforts for creating Bill of Materials (BOM) consume a lot of time and efforts, and also produce mistakes.

BOM is teh common product info for all the departments (like sales, design, purchase, stores, production, quality, projects) of a manufacturing organisation. It serves as the blueprint on how a product should be put together. Capturing the right level of detail in BOM can prevent needless extra work for other departments in the long run. Any incorrect, unclear or absent piece of information in the BOM may cause disaster down the line or costly delays. That’s why an accurate and well managed BOM is so important.

Mark Engineering conducted a workshop for their customers’ desgn users. During this workshop, we discussed and saw how to create BOM by different methods, populating different metadata (custom properties), editing table properties and rearranging & sorting them.  We learned to create templates for BOM and export created BOM in excel and pdf. We also discussed different problems faced by customers in BOM creation, and their solutions.

It was very knowledgeable and interactive session with lot of takeaways.