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Know more about SolidWorks 2020

Now-a-days, designing machines and equipments without 3D CAD has become outdated. And SolidWorks has become a common name like Xerox or Bisleri. So, users expect SolidWorks to bring some Solid Innovation in 3D CAD. This time, customers told SolidWorks – we don’t need just functionality, we need Digital Continuity. But what is this Digital Continuity ???

Designers make models in SolidWorks. But modelling is part of a design departmental process – like Concept Design, Reverse Engineering, Validation, Detailing, Mockup, Drawing Release, etc. These are departmental workflows. If SolidWorks understands such design workflows, and gives combined functionality, then it will increase design department productivity. Surely it will make the CAD usage more meaningful for the company.

What’s New 2020 Teaser – SOLIDWORKS 2020

Secondly, many of our suppliers don’t have SolidWorks. So we give them drawings, IGS files. Then just to see the date, create quotation, process plan, they have to first do lot of work just to open the data. It also involves data loss. Also it wastes lot of time.

The same happens when we get data from customer. It will be great if we are able to directly open other CAD data in SolidWorks, isn’t it ? Or if imported surface data is easily modified to create models, it will save lot of time.

Further, we talk about many new trends like Digital Markup, Pen Sketching, 3D Printing, Paperless Drawings, etc. But they should be integrated and easily available. We need new workflows for the processes outside the design department. Projects, Procurement, Production, Marketing needs can be part of such extended workflows. We’ll call them Manufacturing Ecosystem. These people should be able to use SolidWorks data. But they don’t have SolidWorks. They can utilise SolidWorks data in free tools like PDF Viewer, Animation Player, eDrawings, etc. all these are available in SolidWorks 2020.

Improved Performance

Streamlined Workflows

Connected Ecosystem