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Design Process re-engineering


Veeraja Industries Pvt. Ltd.
Reputed supplier of coolant filtration, chip removal and coolant management systems


  • Many repetitive activities
  • Time consuming GA drawing preparation
  • Person dependant designs
  • Many product variations
  • Handling Large assemblies in existing CAD tool is cumbersome
  • Revision Control
  • Search & reuse of available data
  • Organization wide Collaboration


  • Automated Process of GA creation using CADEC
  • Reduction in Design time from 15 days to 2-3 hours.
  • Completely Person independent
  • SolidWorks Capabilities facilitates seamless work on Large assemblies
  • SolidWorks Structural design capabilities enhanced our design process
  • Efficient and effective data management and collaboration through SolidWorks EPDM

“We combined the power of SolidWorks, CADEC and ePDM to compress new system design time from 15 days to 3 hours”
Pinakin Mate, Director