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The three key reasons why you should choose Mark are:

Effective MCAD Implementation

Prove Before Selling

You don’t want to be pushed into a decision. We would run a Pilot (simulation) for you and only once you are happy with the Pilot would recommend you the solution. The decision will be yours and no surprises after purchasing the product.

Rapid Implementation

Once you approve the proposed solution, we quickly get on with the customization and implementation. Till date, we have always delivered completed and accepted solution in time.

Application-specific implementation 

With a consultative approach, we understand the client domain, the problem areas and client applications/processes first (KUPR) . We don’t offer off-the-shelf software; we customize it as per your needs. With a wide expertise in the field of designing, we ensure that your staff is well-trained (and supported) by our technical staff. We have seen that after a few months, the clients use the customized solution better than us.

Regular reviews/feedback 

Mark Engineering, Mark Design Solutions and SolidWorks offer an integrated solution that takes care of all your current requirements and future possibilities. We hold regular review sessions with you to ensure your business experiences tangible benefits.


Passionate about solving designing problems

Advanced CAD applications like design standardization & automation, FEA, PDM, Tool design can’t be done by routine technology usage. We work along with you to help you identify the right design methodology, develop/customize it with elements that are specific to your domain, arrive at standard parameters and automate the entire process.

Own the risk of Innovation

In order to prove the right solution for you, we would even own up the risk of R&D and invest our efforts to present a pilot that demonstrates design efficiencies.

Developing new tools & techniques

We believe that there is always a better way of doing things. We abolish the comfort zone to develop new tools and design newer ways of using existing tools.

Knowledge-based Engineering

We are the only Indian world-class KBE product company. For every industry we capture rules, logic and process before deciding the designing strategy. Then we create the system/ program to define the designing process and automate it.

Extended Arm
of Customer

Strong Relationship & Bonding

We work towards creating a long term relationship with our clients and offer solutions keeping their long term objectives in mind.

High ethics & transparency

We believe that mutual trust is a platform for a symbiotic relationship. We are transparent in all our communications with our clients. We follow a very professional and morally strong code of conduct. It is, therefore, that we have been able to establish trust with our clients and our business associates.

Take 100% ownership

When you share a long term vision with your clients, it’s natural, as a solutions provider, to take 100% ownership of achieving this vision.

Make every site a reference site

When you work towards setting a newer, a higher benchmark for yourselves with every new implementation, you are working with the attitude of excellence. And the result would be a solution worth sharing with others.


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