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Seminar on Single Version of Truth for Industrial Products with SolidWorks

Single version of truth” at Hotel Orritell, opp talegaon MIDC junction, on April 15th from 10 am to 1 pm.

3D CAD became mainstream about 20 years back, when its objective was improving the productivity of the individual designer. But now, organizations invest in 3D CAD licenses for improving overall productivity of the organization – from design to manufacturing, to delivery and service.

Different departments make use of the product information, and if each department / team maintains their documents, there is a danger that the data that they are referring to is not the correct one. Also people spend a lot of time arguing about whether there’s a problem, how big it might be, and whose fault it could be.

That’s where need of a centralized, well managed and trusted data i.e. “single version of truth” arises.


What does single source of the truth really mean?

It’s actually quite simple. Wherever you get your data there is one and only one place to get that exact data from.

The data or information can be in form of CAD models & drawings, BOMs, routings, Specifications, compliances documents, Product literature, test requirements and lab reports, patents and trademarks, product roadmaps, supplier info, product cost, etc.

Any possible linkages to this data are by reference only. Thus, when any such data element is updated, this update propagates to the enterprise, without the possibility of a duplicate value somewhere in the distant not being updated.

One easier way to achieve such single version of truth, is by product centric information. And parametric 3D CAD provides a very good platform for that.

If all users look at product data through the product data management (PDM) system, and if the required inter-relations between different documents are disciplined and well-defined, smaller organizations can achieve Single version of Truth easily.

It gives us more integrated and well managed data with negligible redundant data.

To achieve this for industrial products some discipline needed:

  • BOM should be created from 3D model only.
  • Drawing should be created from model only.
  • Design reference documents like compliances, specs, product roadmaps should be present in PDM vault before and new design or design change is done.
  • Downstream documents like test requirement and test reports, routings, Product literature, product cost should be created from 3D CAD only.
  • Linkage of ERP info like supplier details, project details, make or buy should be planned and captured while adding product documents to vault.

CAD and PDM systems are parametric and flexible for allowing auto-capture of details as well as exceptions like dummy parts, configurations, etc.

Examples of product design /modification processes which affect many documents in the common source are:

  • Field failure needs modification of design
  • Material rates need modification of cost / prices
  • New improved parts need to supersede some of the existing parts
  • New improved product needs to be made available

Mark Engineering will be conducting a seminar on how SolidWorks can help you get “Single version of truth” at Hotel Orritell, opp talegaon MIDC junction, on April 15th from 10 am to 1 pm.

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