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Next generation documentation tools to leverage CAD data

Using SolidWorks Composer, you can proactively create and maintain all the relevant technical communication/documentation. These documents are completely integrated with your 3D designs and any modifications to the design will be captured by these documents. Therefore, your technical documents are always current. Besides, this also saves the time/cost of redrawing/photography. This means the time to market is substantially improved. What’s more, the technical documentation can be visually driven with minimal text, which minimizes efforts to translate them into multiple languages for wider audience.

The various packages available for technical communications are as follows:


Use 3D design data to create associative high quality graphics

Installation & Maintenance manual

Product manuals

Customer and supplier review  presentations

Operation Method Sheet  (OMS) Product web pages

Interactive, configurable product demos

Sales bidding kits


Creation of inspection documents by leveraging your existing 2D data, in SOLIDWORKS, PDFs, or TIFFs

Create ballooned engineering drawings

Create inspection reports

Add balloon callouts with Inspection Dimensions

Compare drawing revisions and originals

Record inspection measurements and import CMM results

Use standard inspection report templates such as AS9102 or PPAP forms

Model Based Definition

Integrated drawingless manufacturing solution

Define 3D Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) such as dimensions, tolerances, model data, surface finish, weld symbols, Bill-of-Materials (BOM), tables, notes, and other annotations

Organize 3D PMI along with the 3D models

Customize 3D output templates for multiple deliverables

Publish 3D data and PMI in industry standard file formats

Use industry standards, such as Military-Standard-31000A, ASME Y14.41, ISO 16792, and DIN ISO 16792

Share and archive 3D data directly

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